The Carolina Hurricanes’ ‘Fat Trick’ is the NHL’s tastiest consolation prize

The Carolina Hurricanes’ ‘Fat Trick’ is the NHL’s tastiest consolation prizeJustin Faulk lit the lamp and filled plenty of bellies with his power play goal against Tampa Bay.

The Hurricanes may have to lost to the Tampa Bay Lightning on Tuesday night, but Carolina fans got a tasty consolation prize out of the defeat.

While the Lightning’s Tyler Johnson scored three times for a good ol’ fashioned hat trick in the contest, the Hurricanes had a perfect storm of events that led to fans cashing in on three separate food promotions — a “fat trick,” as it has since been dubbed by the internet. 

Canes defenseman Justin Faulk triggered the green light on all three of those promotions with his power play goal that tied the game 3-3 in the second period. Here’s how it breaks down, courtesy of The News & Observer:

▪ Any time Faulk scores, Triangle-area Moe’s locations hand out a free side of queso the next day.

▪ Papa John’s offers half-priced pizzas (online only) on days after the Canes score at least three goals. 

▪ And Bojangles’ gives free Bo-Berry biscuits to customers who say “I’m a Caniac, and it’s Bo Time!” the morning after the Canes score a power-play goal.

Every sports fan knows that losing sucks, but it’s probably a little easier when you get to eat your feelings for free the next day. Huge props to Faulk for stepping up and being the hero that Hurricanes fans need.