After being held in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City in the past two seasons, this year’s Carabao Cup first-round draw will take place in a London supermarket.

Yes, that’s right – a Morrisons store in Colindale will be the venue for Thursday’s draw, which will be hosted by former England internationals John Barnes and Ray Parlour.

Despite the low-key charm of this affair, cup draws can actually be pretty exciting – the hope, expectation and anticipation of fans adding a little extra to the spectacle of two people pulling numbered balls out of a velvet pouch.

But for all the simplicity of the format, things don’t always go to plan….

Sir Rod Stewart

When Sir Rod Stewart conducted the 2016-17 Scottish Cup fifth-round draw, organisers must have been hoping he’d add a bit of stardust to proceedings. They probably weren’t ready for what happened next.

With former Hibernian manager Alan Stubbs and Scottish Football Association president Alan McRae alongside him, the 74-year-old ‘Do You Think I’m Sexy?’ singer began the draw by jokingly prodding McRae under the podium.

Then, as he drew each ball, Stewart proceeded to loudly shout the numbers, giving an extra loud cheer for his beloved Celtic.

It’s probably the most talked about Scottish Cup draw in history, and Sir Rod’s antics may have even inspired others to take on the task with similar gusto.

Carabao Cup confusion

The Carabao Cup first-round draw in 2017 was staged in Bangkok and was intended to be broadcast over a live Facebook feed.

It started with no sound, then crashed after the first club – Birmingham City – were drawn.

Once the draw had been completed, the official draw graphic showed Charlton were supposedly taking on both Exeter and Cheltenham in the first round.

The second-round draw didn’t run smoothly either.

With a new format in place, the teams were drawn, then told whether they would be home or away before their opponents were revealed.

But problems quickly arose when it turned out that the home and away balls had been accidentally mixed up.

Premature balls

Back to Scotland, and this time the case of a single rogue ball which was opened earlier than planned.

The quarter-final draw for the 2016 Scottish Cup was under way, with Dundee United drawn against Celtic in the first tie.

Dumbarton/Dundee were drawn next, but before their opponents could be selected the draw had to be halted after one of the balls containing the team names popped open before leaving the pot.

That meant the draw had been compromised and, according to the regulations, had to be restarted.

World Cup shambles

Draw drama is certainly not a new phenomenon.

Fifa’s decision to expand the 1982 World Cup to 24 teams hit a stumbling block at the draw in Spain, when no-one seemed to know how the draw would work.

Long-time Fifa boss Sepp Blatter was at the heart of proceedings, which saw Fifa abandon the plan they had outlined beforehand, and left BBC commentator Barry Davies in despair at what was unfolding.

Quite the spectacle, but not perhaps as it was intended.

Maybe it’s not just as easy as pulling numbered balls out of a pouch after all.