X Games

ESPN announced on Thursday the teams scheduled to compete in the first-ever EXP Invitational – Apex Legends at X Games Minneapolis, Aug. 2-3, at the U.S. Bank Stadium. The competition will feature 20 squads of three competing across 12 matches, with a total prize purse of $150,000. The competition will be streamed live on the ESPN app, ESPN Esports and EA Twitch channels, ESPN Esports YouTube and Twitter channels, Caffeine, ESPN Play (Spanish-speaking Latin America and the Caribbean), ESPN Player (EMEA and select Asian territories) and WatchESPN (Pac Rim and Brazil).

The full list of professional teams scheduled to compete in the EXP Pro-Am Apex Legends on August 2 and 3 is as follows:

Jordan “HusKers” Thomas
Mark “Dropped” Thees
Chris “sweetdreams” Sexton

Tempo Storm
Kyle “Solveful” Concienne
Dylan “Assert” Romo
Bowen “MonsoonGG” Fuller

Misfits Gaming
Matthew “helping” Stokes
Taylor “moose” Adams
Cole “Losido” Garret Stewart

Team Snip3down
Eric “Snip3down” Wrona
Niko “ZeroNothing” Suominen
Sebastian “Mimu” Vesala

Coby “dizzy” Meadows
Brandon “Ace” Winn
Marshall ” Mohr ” Mohr

Gabe “Gabeismon” Brunelle
Ryan “Reptar” Boyd
Kyle “Kyraig” Craig

Team Liquid
Brenden “Casper” Marino
Thomas “Flanker” Cook
Max “Nasticle” Clelan

Counter Logic Gaming
Jack “NiceWigg” Martin
Lyric “lyric” Quinonez
Christian “Nokokopuffs” Feliciano

Phillip ” ImperialHal ” Dosen
Mac “Albralelie” Kenzie Beckwith
Jordan “Reps” Wolfe

Gen.G Esports
Tim “dummy” Olson
Christopher “GrimReality” Schaefer
Ted “silkthread” Wang

Greg “Grego” McAllen
Joseph “Frexs” Sanchez
Timothy “Overpowered” Liang

Radek “Radek” Pozler
David “Davsa” Halberštát
Daniel “akeu” Vesely

Brendan “BcJ” Jensen
Haydin “ZerG” Thomas Gordon
Kurtis “Kurt” Gallo

Pomp The Moscles**
Francisco “k4shera” Alves
Jame “Smythj” Trygg

Bryan “iShiny” McCarthy
Christopher “Muffinzz” Lee McCarthy
Adam “Spirit” Wells

Jared “zombs” Gitlin
Nathan “retzi” Telen
Adam “senoxe” Lau

Luminosity Gaming
Hogne “chipzy” Krogsæther
Justin “Yogi” Desse

Garrett “Logicly” Bowman
Ethan “MoePork” Fish
im “SSLCK” Anderson

Dennis “LAZXR” Wadenfors
Simon “Vaifs” Bellini
Philip “Lowley” Olsen

Louis “BulletL” Borg
Leon “Leon” Ren
Jackson “HeyKatie” Taylor

* Please note the list of competitors is subject to change.
** Denotes team qualified via open online qualifiers on June 29.

Popular esports personalities will host the live stream, including:

Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez is an esports host and commentator with roots as a competitive Call of Duty player. The Brooklyn, New York native is a desk host and commentator for Epic Games’ Fortnite World Cup. Goldenboy is recognizable throughout most esports, having worked with Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch League, TBS’s ELEAGUE at events like the 2018 Boston Major and MLG, Call of Duty World League, Rocket League Championship Series and more.
Bil “Jump” Carter is an esports host and commentator. He is currently the host for Tencent’s Arena of Valor and has worked with esports like the Halo Championship Series, NASCAR Heat Champions, MLG Gears Pro Circuit, Rainbow 6: Siege US Nationals and FIFA Interactive World Cup. He has also worked events by DreamHack, E3, MLG, Penny Arcade Expo and TwitchCon.
Anna Prosser is perhaps most often recognized as an on-camera personality specializing in gaming, esports and other emerging new media content. She hosts live shows and events for Twitch, Blizzard, The Pokémon Company and more, and has appeared on live streamed and staged D&D shows like Dice, Camera, Action. Anna also serves full-time as managing producer on the creative development team at Twitch.
Rachel “Seltzer” Quirico entered esports as a competitive gamer in 2006 and made the pivot to on-camera presenting in 2008. She has emceed tournaments and international championships for StarCraft 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Overwatch and more. Quirico regularly hosts Twitch’s official event coverage at E3, PAX, Gamescon and Comic-Con. In 2016, she was included in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Games. She has been featured in campaigns for Pokémon GO, TBS, Amazon, Bud Light and John Frieda.
Daniel “DDK” Kapadia is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive commentator and former professional Quake 3 player. He has worked on Counter-Strike 1.6, Overwatch, Quakelive, Quake 3 and Quakeworld. Kapadia has commentated CS:GO for over five years, most notably commentating multiple Valve CS:GO Major Grand Finals. He has worked with major productions from FACEIT, ELEAGUE, PGL, ESL and MLG.

A recap show highlighting key moments from the Invitational will also debut on August 10 on ESPN2 at 10 p.m. ET.