Report: Wizards' John Wall, Marcin Gortat met privately in effort to repair relationship

John Wall and Marcin Gortat weren’t exactly the names everybody expected to hear about when it came to NBA feuds. However, that’s been the drama surrounding the Wizards lately following a tweet by Gortat that Wall took as a shot towards him. Wall later criticized the tweet in a TV interview.

Realizing there was a problem, the two reportedly met to air their grievances and amend their relationship. According to Chris Haynes of ESPN, the two sides both requested a meeting with each other to figure everything out. While there was progress, there is still work to be done. However, the Wizards apparently feel there is nothing out of the ordinary with this squabble.

Washington Wizards teammates John Wall and Marcin Gortat met privately last week to confront each other about where they stood after Gortat’s tweet two weeks ago that many interpreted as a passive-aggressive slight directed at the All-Star guard, league sources told ESPN.

The meeting, which didn’t last long, facilitated the airing of grievances, but sources say there is still more work to be done to fully repair that relationship.

Those close to the franchise suggest these are natural altercations from the rigors of such an emotional season.

Disagreements and arguments happen over the course of a season on all teams. It’s impossible to get along with everybody all the time. That’s true in any work place. This disagreement between Wall and Gortat, however, took place on a public and viewable platform, which isn’t a great look for them, or the Wizards. This is the the type of disagreement that teams would prefer to be handled behind closed doors.

While it sounds like Wall and Gortat still aren’t happy with each other, them meeting is a good sign. The Wizards don’t have to like each other; they just need to be able to work together. If Wall and Gortat can put their relationship aside for success on the court, then what happens off the court won’t be a concern for them.