San Francisco Shock 4 – Florida Mayhem 0

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It wasn’t pretty, but the San Francisco Shock took home a 4-0 sweep of the Florida Mayhem on Friday in the Overwatch League in Burbank, California.

This was an ugly series to watch, as both teams made plenty of mistakes throughout the series. Little miscues, like getting caught in an errant D.Va Self-Destruct, shooting at a tank trying to feed ultimate charge to their Mercy or poor ultimate usage plagued both sides, but that last point is what gave the Shock the edge. Florida’s ultimate economy management was horrific; it often blew key DPS ultimates at the tail end of already-won fights or else pulled the trigger on support ultimates far too early. San Francisco, though, at least showed some discipline, giving it a massive advantage over the Mayhem.

San Francisco has a lot to learn and improve on from this series despite the 4-0 scoreline. Sure, the Shock can rely on DPS Andrej “babybay” Francisty to pick off targets as Widowmaker, but with struggling support Daniel “dhaK” Martinez getting frequently picked off early as Mercy, there’s only so much babybay can do. Fortunately, dhaK did a better job of staying alive against Florida, and he earned Player of the Series overall, although that’s not saying much considering the state of the Mayhem. Florida’s mistakes, lack of coordination and a general absence of polish leave this team doomed to the bottom of the OWL standings and in dire need of something to kickstart this squad.

San Francisco will next take on the Los Angeles Gladiators at 9 p.m. ET on Wednesday, while the Florida Mayhem prepare to battle the New York Excelsior at 7 p.m. ET on Thursday.

Noah Waltzer