NFL playoff chances update: Redskins, Packers see odds drop after Week 9 losses

With the NFL past the halfway point in the season, the playoff odds heading into Week 10 are starting to paint a clearer picture between contenders and those who may be better off setting their sights on 2019.

The Texans and Falcons continued their surge with Week 9 victories. That success is reflected in their updated playoff odds, as those teams have seen the two biggest improvements of the week. On the other hand, the Redskins and Packers suffered the steepest drops after losses in Week 9. Their odds decreased by 21 and 17 percent, respectively. Eight teams now have less than a one percent chance of making the playoffs.

AccuScore has used data from the previous weeks to simulate each remaining NFL game. Updated playoff chances are below. 

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NFL playoff chances 2018

TEAM Playoff chances Week-to-week change

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS 100 percent 0.0 percent

LOS ANGELES RAMS 99.5 percent -0.1 percent

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS 99.1 percent 0.2 percent

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS 97.2 percent 3.3 percent

LOS ANGELES CHARGERS 87.7 percent 5.9 percent

HOUSTON TEXANS 84.9 percent 14.2 percent

CAROLINA PANTHERS 78.5 percent 8.6 percent

PITTSBURGH STEELERS 76.7 percent 9.0 percent

PHILADEPHIA EAGLES 72.3 percent 10.2 percent

ATLANTA FALCONS 53.8 percent 12.7 percent

CINCINNATI BENGALS 52.1 percent 2.0 percent

MINNESOTA VIKINGS 51.4 percent 11.5 percent

CHICAGO BEARS 46.4 percent 8.1 percent

WASHINGTON REDSKINS 31.6 percent -20.9 percent

GREEN BAY PACKERS 30.4 percent -16.9 percent

MIAMI DOLPHINS 28.4 percent -0.2 percent

TENNESSEE TITANS  19.5 percent 3 percent

BALTIMORE RAVENS 19.4 percent -16 percent

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS 16.9 percent -0.7 percent

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS 14.5 percent -1.8 percent

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS 13.6 percent -6.5 percent

DALLAS COWBOYS 11.2 percent -11 percent

DETROIT LIONS 9.9 percent -1.9 percent

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS 2.2 percent -2.3 percent

DENVER BRONCOS 0.7 percent -7.1 percent

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS 0.6 percent 0.3 percent

NEW YORK JETS 0.5 percent -2.3 percent

NEW YORK GIANTS 0.4 percent 0.1 percent

CLEVELAND BROWNS 0.3 percent -0.7 percent

BUFFALO BILLS 0.2 percent -0.6 percent

OAKLAND RAIDERS 0.1 percent -0.1 percent

ARIZONA CARDINALS 0 percent 0 percent

NFL playoff odds:

Biggest improvement in playoff chances:

Houston Texans +14 percent

Atlanta Falcons +13 percent

Minnesota Vikings +12 percent

Biggest drops in playoff chances:

Washington Redskins -21 percent

Green Bay Packers -17 percent

Baltimore Ravens -16 percent