NBA All-Star Game: Anthony Davis honors DeMarcus Cousins by wearing his jersey

The “festivities” before the NBA All-Star Game were pretty much panned as a disaster, but after nearly 45 minutes, the game finally got started. 

And when it did, fans were treated to a pretty cool sight. Lining up for the opening tip, Anthony Davis was wearing teammate DeMarcus Cousins’ jersey.

Cousins, of course, is out for the season with a torn Achilles tendon, and thus could not participate in the Sunday’s exhibition game. The Pelicans teammates were supposed to continue their partnership by playing together on Team LeBron. 

Davis was also part of one of the best plays from the first quarter, finishing off a bounce pass alley-oop from LeBron James.

Wearing Boogie’s jersey was a pretty cool move by Davis, and it was certainly refreshing to see after the draining ceremonies before the game. 

Davis’ tribute was short-lived though. When he re-entered the game in the second quarter, Davis was wearing his own jersey. 

Davis explained that he wanted to wear the jersey, at least to start, because he knew how much Cousins was looking forward to being out there. 

Davis said it was Cousins’ actual jersey, and was a little big for him.