LOOK: Of course Drake got Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry tattoos on his arm

Drake is a megastar. He’s one of the most successful hip-hop artists in the world. He consistently sells out arenas. And yet he still does some of the weirdest things of any celebrity out there. He always looks sad unless he’s dancing in SNL videos, and he even responds to random fans on Instagram that criticize his hygiene. He’s a notorious bandwagoner, hopping from team to team seemingly on a whim. Being Drake seems like it would be exhausting, and it all came to a head in one post, where the weight of the world looks like it’s on Drizzy’s shoulders.

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That’s a picture that Drake posted on Tuesday. More specifically, it’s a picture of him standing forlornly alone on a steampunk-looking basketball court while wearing a LeBron James high school jersey. What is Drake thinking here? “What if ball isn’t life?” “Does the ball sometimes lie?” “Is LeBron too married to the game to make time for me?” And, oh my god, are those Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry tattoos on his arm?

Credit to ESPN’s Jovan Buha for this. And I mean a lot of credit. Because he managed to look past the big picture of weirdness that is this entire photo and start looking at the details. Which are somehow even weirder.

Aubrey “Anderson Varejao” Graham appears to be wearing a LeBron high school jersey while sporting tattoos of the Warriors’ two best players. That’s basically high treason in the basketball world. When it comes to LeBron’s Cavaliers and K.D. and Steph Warriors, you have to pick a side. It’s hard to see exactly what is inscribed on his arm beneath the numbers, but Buha’s ESPN counterpart Nick DePaula thinks he has the answer.

So you’ve got “Gifted” and “Snipe.” We’ll see if Durant lets that nickname stick, as it sounds awfully violent for a guy that turned down “The Slim Reaper.”

Drake is an enigma. He’s an avid Raptors fan, a fan of the Kentucky basketball “culture” and a fan of Doris Burke (because sure). He just seems to go places, but getting tattoos is pretty serious. We’ll see if he starts getting players’ faces next. When the focus of that photo is the third weirdest part of it, it’s a pretty damn weird photo.