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  • LoL: MVP, Kingzone grab wins in the LCK

    MVP seems to be looking better after pulling out a 2-0 over bbq Olivers. Kingzone, meanwhile, keeps doing Kingzone things — winning.

  • LoL: Vitality and ROCCAT grab wins, H2k continues to struggle

    The EU LCS rolls on as H2k continues to struggle to find positive points in its game play. Vitality, on the other hands, keeps moving upward.

  • LPL geolocation creates road map for other orgs

    Tencent Games and its League of Legends Pro League both began geolocation this year, and so far, the experiments have been a success. That sets the stage for other leagues, like the North American League Championship Series, to try it in years to come.

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Clutch Gaming 1 – Team SoloMid 0

Clutch Gaming put on a clinic in perseverance as the team mounted a massive comeback victory against Team SoloMid to kick off Week 4 in the North American League Championship Series Spring Split on Saturday in Los Angeles.

The contest between the two middle-of-the-pack teams began with a disastrous Level 1 for Clutch Gaming (3-4). After Clutch got greedy during an invade, Team SoloMid (3-4) collapsed, allowing TSM to eliminate the enemy bottom lane and give AD carry Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen an early lead in lane. That advantage was short-lived, though, because the team’s macro play and objective control was lacking. Combined with a lack of vision control, TSM gave Clutch every opportunity it needed to come back.

Although Clutch found itself at a disadvantage, the team was able to pick up an early Infernal Drake and quickly found a second with an impressive steal from a perfectly-timed ultimate by AD Carry Apollo “Apollo” Price’s Ezreal. His thieving ways didn’t stop there: Later in the game, Apollo stole a Baron that allowed Clutch Gaming to take a resulting teamfight and immediately claim the Elder Dragon. Apollo’s performance was critical to his team staying alive in the game and allowed Clutch Gaming to stall long enough to make a comeback.

The perseverance of Clutch Gaming paid off massively as TSM got antsy and continually forced fights and objectives without proper preparations. This allowed openings for Clutch, which it capitalized on. As late-game teamfights erupted, Clutch Gaming came out decisively on top, allowing the team to swiftly push into the enemy base after claiming an ace.

Team SoloMid will need to work on pushing its advantages in order to bounce back as it takes on Counter Logic Gaming at 7 p.m. ET on Saturday. Despite the impressive victory, Clutch Gaming remains near the bottom of the standing and will look to claim a 2-0 week as it takes on OpTic Gaming at 9 p.m. ET on Saturday.

Chase Geddes