Andy Murray’s former coach Miles Maclagan has said that the recovering Scot will need to adapt his game to manage his return from a hip injury.

Maclagan warned that Murray might have to change his approach, but not necessarily for the worse:

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“”If he can get fit, it might force him to play a different sort of game, with shorter rallies.

“That could be very exciting, [but] he’s got a tough road back.

“The characteristic of these great players is that when they’ve had a setback they often come back stronger, reinvigorated in the mind. He said he was tired, so could come back with a fresh mentality.”

Maclagan was part of Murray’s coaching set-up for three years. He went on to say that there are a number of options for Murray, including surgery:

“It’s concerning because the first option hasn’t worked out, which was a lot of rehab,

“I know he’s put as much into it as he possibly could. There have been big advancements in medicine and there are guys like Lleyton Hewitt and Milos Raonic who had this sort of surgery and came back to a good level. But of course it’s never quite the same.

“There is a lot of wear and tear for athletes now, the way they play and the training they put themselves through so they can be as fit as they need to be to play at the level Andy Murray has.

“It would probably be more worrying if he’d had the surgery and still wasn’t quite right, so there’s still a plan B.

“I would imagine in the short term he’s probably pretty down. He’s made the effort to get out to Australia, it’s not like he’s just popped across to France to see how it is.”

Murray has withdrawn from the Brisbane International but it is not yet clear whether he will compete at the Australian Open. He is currently ranked number 16 in the world.