Draymond Green pays off Ohio State-Michigan State bet made with Evan Turner

When you make a bet, you have to be ready to pay up at any time. Evan Turner chose immediately after his Trail Blazers beat the Warriors to collect on a bet with Draymond Green on Ohio State and Michigan State (their respective alma maters), crashing Green’s press conference to ask for his money

Green stopped in the middle of his press conference when he saw Turner approaching, although there seemed to be a bit of confusion on who won in football, with Green asking “did we beat y’all in football?”

When Turner said no, Green looked skeptical, cocking his head and asking “you sure?”

Ohio State actually demolished Michigan State this year, 48-3. Green managed to recover and get a quick shot in at the maize and blue, quickly remembering that Michigan State beat Michigan this year. Michigan State basketball lost to Ohio State basketball 80-64 as well, so Green’s double or nothing bid didn’t go so well.

Once it was all said and done, there was clearly no hard feelings between the two, just a friendly rivalry. They shook hands, Turner said “Big 10 for life” and told Green to “keep it classy.” Green immediately turned back to reporters like nothing happened.

It’s a bit of an unexpected friendship, although their Big 10 ties make it make sense. Even though for a brief moment Green looked concerned Turner was trying to hustle him, he played it off well. So technically, Green managed to lose three times in one night.