There’s no question Michael Vick changed the game of football. He’s helped usher in a new era of quarterback with his electric playing style that saw him finish as the NFL’s all-time leader in rushing yards for a quarterback (6,109).

But is he a Hall of Famer?

That question was brought up by a random Twitter user, and it caught the attention of Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, who you’ll remember took home the NFL MVP this season after breaking Vick’s single-season record for rushing yards by a quarterback. Jackson has been compared to Vick for obvious reasons, and he seems to be of the mind set that the Falcons legend is absolutely a Hall of Fame player.

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While Jackson doesn’t explicitly say either way, we can safely assume his position. He looked up to Vick growing up and admitted this season, “I watch his highlights, still, to this day.” Jackson has kept in touch with Vick over the years, so it’d be odd for him to say anything negative about his idol. Which is why we can infer his tweet as support for Vick’s Hall of Fame case.

Jackson’s tweet, as of this writing, has amassed more than 80,000 likes. But it has also generated a lot of discussion over whether Vick truly is a candidate for the Pro Football Hall of Fame:

The case against Vick

Passing Yards TDs INTs Rush yards (TDs)

22,464 133 88 6,109 (36)

Vick went 2-3 in five career playoff starts, has no MVP awards and no All-Pro nominations. He did earn four Pro Bowls, but those aren’t quite as special considering so many players drop out of that event each year. He finished with a 61-51-1 career record, and of course had his off-field issues that will likely factor into his voting process.

Several people responded to Jackson’s tweet with reasons why they feel Vick isn’t a Hall of Fame player.

The case for Vick

Vick finished with the most career rushing yards for a quarterback (6,109) and the highest yards per carry by any player (7.0).

He had truly remarkable seasons as well: In 2006, he finished with 1,039 rushing yards and an insane 8.4 yards per carry. As a passer that season, he threw for 2,474 yards with 20 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. In his comeback season with the Eagles, Vick had the best year of his career.

Despite only starting in 12 games, he finished with 3,018 passing yards, 21 touchdowns and six interceptions. His 100.2 quarterback was the highest of his career. He also added 676 rushing yards and nine rushing touchdowns to his total, finishing the season by winning NFL Comeback Player of the Year.

Beyond the numbers, many have used the argument that you can’t tell the story of the NFL without mentioning Vick. His impact on the game is immeasurable.

Final verdict

The overall verdict regarding Vick is pretty split. People either feel he has no chance, or are like Jackson and are insulted it’s even a question. As for the first-ballot question, that is probably unlikely considering the competition he’s facing.

Here are the list of names eligible for the 2021 NFL Hall of Fame class:

  • DE Jared Allen
  • RB Steven Jackson
  • WR Calvin Johnson
  • OL Logan Mankins
  • QB Peyton Manning
  • LB Jerod Mayo
  • TE Heath Miller
  • CB Charles Tillman
  • DL Justin Tuck
  • QB Michael Vick
  • WR Wes Welker
  • DT Kevin Williams
  • DB Charles Woodson

Manning, Allen and Woodson all seem like locks as first-ballot Hall of Famers. Not to mention other players who are still waiting to hear their name called. So Vick will most likely not be a first ballot guy. But it will be interesting to see if he ends up getting in at any point.