DeMarre Carroll says Nets must focus on own mistakes and let the refs do their jobs

The Brooklyn Nets have been addicted to close games lately, with their last five matchups all being decided by three points or less. They’ve come up short in three of those contests, and with close losses can come complaints about the refs, especially when you don’t get the calls you want in the closing seconds of games. 

After the Nets’ most recent loss, which came in overtime to the Toronto Raptors, Spencer Dinwiddie looked into a baseline camera and said “this is exactly what I’m talking about” after he felt he didn’t get a call on his last-second drive to the basket.

That was a pretty funny moment, but Dinwiddie and the team’s penchant for complaining about calls is starting to annoy one of their few veteran leaders. DeMarre Carroll. The swingman said the young Nets need to focus on their own mistakes and stop getting on the refs every time they feel there was a missed call. Via the New York Post:

“We’ve been looking for the refs to bail us out, but you can’t look for the refs to bail you out. We’re playing the game, so we’ve got to go out there and compete. … If we limit a couple of mistakes we easily win [Monday], we easily win the Boston game.”

“You can’t look for the call in this league,” Carroll said. “Refs, they’re going to see calls, they’re going to miss calls. But at the end of the day, you’re just screaming at a ref, and you’re hollering at him the whole game; they’re going to miss calls. They don’t worry about screaming at you or hollering at you, so I feel like we’ve got to really focus on the game.

“We can’t focus on the ref. When we stop focusing on the ref, maybe we’ll get our calls. Let them do their jobs instead of jumping on them the whole time. It’ll really help us out in the long run. Let’s try an opposite effect and see if it works.”

Carroll also noted that this is an issue he’s going to address to the team. 

“For sure, I’ll share. Me as a leader I’ve got to step in,” Carroll said. “We’ve just got to try the opposite effect. Hollering at the refs, screaming at them, that isn’t going to do us [any] justice. They’re human just like we are, so at the end of the day we’ve got to try something different maybe. Hopefully it works.”

It’s a little interesting that Carroll decided to say this to the media before addressing it with his teammates, but he is correct. First of all, the Nets, a young squad lacking star power, just aren’t going to get the same calls that other teams or players might. That’s not fair, but stars have always been officiated differently. 

Plus, yelling at the refs every single time they mess up just isn’t going to help. Even though they are supposed to be impartial, refs are human, and screaming at them nonstop isn’t going to get you the benefit of the doubt on close calls.