MANCHESTER — Pep Guardiola says he hasn’t considered the possibility of Manchester City winning the Premier League crown against rivals United, despite Jose Mourinho seemingly conceding the title race.

City are 15 points clear at the top of the table but Guardiola insists the title race is not over with games against Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and United still to come.

But if the two Manchester teams share the same record over the next seven matches, City would be able to clinch the title in the derby at the Etihad Stadium on April 7.

“We can’t think about that,” Guardiola told a news conference ahead of Saturday’s clash with Burnley. “It’s about winning the next one and then I don’t know what’s going to happen.

“Maybe we have to postpone games, it doesn’t matter. What is important is to try and fight to the end to be champions. That’s what counts the most. The rest makes no sense, it is not important.

“I know the distance, 15 points, is quite good in this moment. It was the same three, four or five games before, but in football, in sport, anything can happen.

“We are good today, but tomorrow we can be bad. A lot of things can happen. The most important thing we have done so far is focus on the next game.

“Then after we will see. Until everything is done, you have to be prepared for anything to happen, in my experience.”

City will have a rare week free after the game with Burnley and Guardiola says he will give some of squad a few days off.

And he says his players can do what they want with their free time despite an incident earlier in the season when Sergio Aguero was injured in car crash in Amsterdam shortly before the trip to Chelsea.

“They can travel, they can do whatever they want,” the City boss insisted. “If they want to go out to look for sunny days like today, but maybe they consider it and if it’s like today they stay here. I don’t know. They are free.

“For three days they have to forget a little bit about football, be with their families and friends and move on.

“Wednesday afternoon we have to prepare here, three training sessions for Leicester and Basel, and we have to move on, but we need a break a little bit, everybody.

“Not just the players, the staff, the physios, everybody. It was a tough, tough period in winter time. We have that chance for three or four days and we give it to them.”