Chris Bosh says he's attempting an NBA comeback: 'I'm not done yet'

It’s been just over two years since Chris Bosh played his last NBA game. He was named to the All-Star team in 2016 and had a large role on the Heat’s roster at the time before recurring bouts with blood clots put his basketball career at a pause. In July of 2017 he was medically waived by the Heat and removed from their books after a panel of doctors declared the condition as career-ending. 

While the Heat did announce that Bosh’s jersey would eventually be retired in Miami, this felt like a sad end to a once incredible career. Bosh however says he isn’t done. In an appearance on ESPN on Thursday, he teased the idea of a potential comeback.

“I’ve been in the gym. I can still play basketball. No I’m not done yet. I’m trying to comeback. Man, I see all these guys shooting 3-pointers and not playing defense, I got to get some of it.”

As exciting as it would be to see Bosh make a comeback, this is a stance of his that he’s never moved away from. Bosh and the Heat had a very long and contentious feud over whether he should be medically cleared to play. Bosh believed that he could come back, but the Heat doctors wouldn’t allow him. Even with the medical waiver, he was always going to try and come back.

The question is, who is going to take that risk on Bosh? More importantly, who would even medically clear him for action? Everybody knows he can play. He’s a two-time NBA champion with 11 All-Star appearances, and one All-NBA team appearance. He’s a potential Hall of Fame player, but can he get on the court and stay on the court? That’s a question GM’s will be asking themselves if they look into signing him.