Charles Barkley says he doesn't use social media because that's for 'losers'

Charles Barkley is a man of strong opinions. He’s never afraid to speak his mind no matter the situation or subject. This can range from something serious, such as Donald Trump, or something a little more lighthearted — such as mean tweets on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

For those who haven’t seen it, Kimmel has a recurring segment called “Mean Tweets” where celebrities, athletes and other famous guests read the mean things written about them on Twitter. In an appearance on Kimmel’s late night show, Barkley, who has been part of the segment before, talked about not only mean tweets but social media in general. Let’s just say he’s not a fan:

 “You know I do no social media, because I think people who do that are losers and I had to go upstairs and read mean tweets.

They were kind of funny. I can laugh at myself, but it always amazes me how people can be so mean spirited behind a keyboard. I always say there’s only two types of people that do that. Some loser at work who should be working or some loser sitting in his mother’s garage, or basement, worrying about me.”

Barkley is right. People on the internet can be very mean spirited and many of the people that send out mean tweets are doing just what he said — wasting time at work. This wouldn’t be the first time Barkley’s been on the right side of an argument.