In case you haven’t noticed, Carmelo Anthony is out for revenge this season. After over a year away from the game, he’s not only trying to prove he still belongs but is making sure his former teams hear that message loud and clear. In his return to Madison Square Garden, he put up 26 points and seven rebounds on the Knicks, while in his first game against the Thunder, he went for 19 points. 

That trend continued on Wednesday night when Melo put together another strong game against the Houston Rockets. He missed just three shots, going 7-of-10 from the field en route to 18 points and 12 rebounds to help the Portland Trail Blazers secure an impressive 117-107 win. 

The Rockets, of course, parted ways with Anthony after just 10 games last season, and he was largely seen as the scapegoat for the team’s disappointing start. “I honestly don’t have any feelings about going back,” Anthony said earlier this week. “I was only there a couple weeks. I don’t really have any type of feelings going back.” 

But no matter how much he tried to downplay the matchup in the media, it’s hard to imagine that he didn’t want to prove something in this game. 

There were very real reasons Anthony wasn’t able to find a spot in the league for so long, and legitimate reasons to believe it wasn’t going to work out in Portland. But so far, he’s proving everyone wrong. He’s obviously not who he used to be, but he’s certainly playing well enough to deserve a spot in the league. 

Even after this win, the Blazers are well under .500 at 18-24, but due to the state of the bottom of the playoff race in the Western Conference, they’re only 1.5 games back of the eighth seed. Obviously Anthony would like to get back to the postseason, but regardless of what ends up happening to the Blazers this season, this experience must feel tremendous for the former All-Star. 

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