The Boston Bruins lost a hockey game in perhaps one of the most embarrassing ways possible on Monday night in Philadelphia. Not only did they blow a three-goal lead in regulation, but they also sealed the defeat with one of the worst shootout “attempts” in the history of the sport. You’re going to want to stick around to see why I used quotation marks.

After relinquishing the lead and failing to find a game-winner in overtime, the Bruins reluctantly headed to the shootout, which hasn’t been kind to them all year. Coming into Monday night’s game against the Flyers, Boston was 0-6 in the overtime breakaway competition this season. 

Following a Travis Konecny conversion, the Bruins called on Brad Marchand for an answer to keep the game alive. His attempt? Well, let’s just say it didn’t go as planned. You could even say it didn’t really go … at all.

On his center ice approach, Marchand almost completely whiffed on his puck pickup, just barely grazing the puck enough for it to count as official attempt. The puck moved mere inches and, just like that, the game was over.

Officials briefly gathered to discuss the bizarre sequence, then signaled that the try counted and the game was over. 

We’ve seen some really bad and laughable shootout attempts — Dennis Wideman inexplicably going airborne may still be the gold standard in the humor department — but most of those terrible tries include the skater at least gaining possession of the puck. This is undeniably the worst attempt in NHL history considering Marchand never even gave himself a semblance of a shot. Literally the only way it could have been worse was if he tripped and face-planted into the puck at center ice.

As for an explanation as to how this possibly happened, there’s only one real answer…

Congratulations to every other terrible shootout attempt in NHL history. You’re officially off the clock.

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