Ben Simmons says he's 'the best rookie' and now wants to be an All-Star

76ers rookie Ben Simmons has had an incredible season after being forced to sit out all of last season with a foot injury. The No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft came in with a lot of hype, but not many people expected him to be as good as he’s been.

He doesn’t shoot 3-pointers, but Simmons makes up for that with incredible creation skills and a ruthless attack on the rim. He’s quickly become one of Philadelphia’s best and most important players, and at this point in January it feels like he’s already locked in as the Rookie of The Year. 

Speaking to reporters in London before the 76ers game against the Celtics, Simmons was asked about the award. He says he would like to be an All-Star more than anything this season, but at the end he tacked on a pretty strong statement about his skills. 


“I want to be an All-Star honestly. If I’m an All-Star I feel like I’m Rookie of the Year so I don’t really look into that too much. I know I’m the best rookie in the league”

Strong and confident words from Simmons, but is he wrong? Simmons came flying out of the gates and what he’s been doing all season has already become the norm with him. In terms of consistency over the entire season so far, the award has to go to Simmons. The only player that’s come close to him is the Jazz’s Donovan Mitchell. Scoring is sexy, and Mitchell has that in spades, but what Simmons does for his team as a whole has been more impactful overall. 

An argument could be made that redshirt players like Simmons aren’t technically rookies, but that’s not how voting for the award works. Simmons is listed as a rookie and as a result should get an equal shot at the award. There isn’t a scenario where, at this moment, he isn’t the NBA’s best rookie with those being the set parameters.